TUC to the government: no longer take out loans


By Frank Ikpefan, Abuja

The Trade Union Congress has urged the federal government to stop taking out loans.

Congress, in a statement jointly signed by its President, Comrade Quadri Olaleye, and Secretary General Musa-Lawal Ozigi to celebrate with Muslims on the occasion of Sallah, noted that the standard of living of Nigerians under the administration current was below expectations.

“We say no to more loans. It has to stop. We are not in a master-servant relationship. Public servants are our employees because they are paid with taxpayer money.

“The Congress wants a peaceful and development-conscious country. To achieve this, young people must be engaged in a remunerative way – not as political thugs. An army of idle young people portends a great danger for any society, ”said the press release.

The TUC said that “the impoverished masses of the country are going through an excruciating experience”, calling on wealthy and privileged Nigerians to sympathize with the needy “.

According to Congress, the country is in dire straits, claiming that we can only overcome if the country’s leaders lead selfless and exemplary lives.

The statement added, “We would also like to take this opportunity to call on the country’s leaders to keep in mind that the country is in dire straits and we can only overcome if they (the leaders) lead a life. altruistic and exemplary. .

“The harsh economy is wreaking havoc on a lot of Nigerians and, in frustration, many, especially young people, are doing nasty things just to make ends meet. It is true that only God can help us overcome our challenges, but we must not forget that we certainly have a role to play.

“We expect this celebration to humiliate every Muslim in particular and Nigerians in general in their service to God and to humanity.

“The impoverished masses of the country are going through an excruciating experience right now and it is up to the rich and privileged Nigerians to sympathize with the needy.

“Sadly and sadly, the agenda has been to blatantly transfer our Commonwealth and our loans to foreign banks rather than making it useful to the nation where it is really needed.

“Now is the time for leaders at all levels to rethink and redesign an achievable roadmap capable of transforming the country’s economy.”

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