Richfield May Change Snow Emergency Policy + Pets to Adopt


Hello Richfield! It’s Thursday, so let’s start with everything you need to know today.

For starters: City of Richfield officials are considering changing its current snow emergency policy, according to ECM Publishers.

First of all, the weather forecast for the day:

Possible light rain overnight. High: 82 Low: 65.

Here are today’s best stories in Richfield:

  • “A Bench in the Sun” game + Pre-show lunch (Included) (12:15 pm)

Richfield Patch Book

  • Holy Trinity Catholic School: “It was great to invite parents over the past two weeks to present the expectations, goals, traditions and routines for each grade level at our parent information evenings.” (Facebook)
  • Richfield Foundation: “We are looking for organizations serving Richfield residents to apply for our 2021 Annual Grants.” (Facebook)

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