Restoring America: Democrats still can’t quit COVID-19 ’emergency’ policymaking

Democrats want to try to put COVID-19 behind them now that everyone in the country has moved on. But maintaining that COVID-19 is still an “emergency” gives them an excuse to pursue unrelated political goals, so they refuse to let go.

Senate Democrats simply failed to block a GOP resolution to lift the emergency declaration from March 2020. It passed 48 to 47. But the resolution is unlikely to be passed. passed by the House, and President Joe Biden promised to veto it, calling it a “reckless and costly mistake”.

Why would Biden do this after promising that COVID-19 “no longer needs to control our lives” at the State of the Union? Why would he do this at a time when the country’s Democratic governors have dramatically reduced COVID-19 restrictions and mandates? Well, it’s because he wants to spend more money.

Biden asks at least an additional $22.5 billion to fight COVID-19. That’s down from the $30 billion the administration needed. In case you think the administration will stop at that request, Dr. Zeke Emanuel, a White House adviser who served on Biden’s COVID-19 transition advisory board, thinks we need to. spend $100 billion in the next year alone, with billions more to follow.

As of December, federal agencies had still not spent or even engaged to spend $500 billion of previous COVID-19 aid.

Biden is also considering extending the freeze on federal student loan payments, with White House chief of staff Ron Klain boasting that “Joe Biden is currently the only president in history where no one has paid his student loans during his entire presidency.” Much like the administration’s eviction moratorium, which only ended because the Supreme Court ultimately blocked it, the initial rationale for this policy was, of course, the COVID-19 emergency.

The pandemic has been Biden’s convenient excuse for destructive policies since taking office. Given that his agenda stalled in Congress months ago and Democrats won’t retain their majority for much longer, Biden wants to hold on to the urgency so he can try to continue his “transformational” presidency. “. Biden wants to prolong pandemic policymaking as much as possible, so he and congressional Democrats will prolong the “emergency” for as long as possible.

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