Pune Cyber ​​Crime Team Raided Banglore Call Center Arrested 18

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By Swarali Joshirao.

The Pune Police Cyber ​​Crime Team has arrested a total of 18 defendants, 11 from Banglore and 7 from various parts of Maharashtra. With investigation and forensic evidence, the team raided a Banglore-based call center from where 70 lakhs in cash with 1 lakh contacts from their database were seized. From 2020 to August 2022, Pune Police received 4778 requests.

Other materials seized in the raid include 48 handsets, 65 bank accounts,

1 computer, 1 laptop

27 passbooks/checkbooks,

167 Debit/Credit Cards, 30 Aircel/Visimcards, 1 ATM, 15 Panoramic Cards, 11 Aadharcard

04 election, Map and 04.
Police Commissioner Pune Amitabh Gupta told Mirror Now: “We have arrested 18 people, seized Rs 70 lakh and 1 lakh contacts in the call center database. At least those 1 lakh will be relieved. We destroyed a small module of a widespread racket in the country. We will write to the various relevant authorities of the Play Store, banks and other stakeholders. While explaining the international links, he said: “It is too early to tell, but the Internet has no borders. We have leads that present the possibility of links in other countries.”

About the modus operandi of these online extortion rackets through petty loan applications: Fake loan applications are made available on play store or other websites. To download these apps, a series of permissions are requested from camera, gallery, contacts, SMS, location, microphone, etc., which provides full data access. Once the victims download the app, they immediately get a loan ranging from 500 to 7000 rupees. Followed by this when it is time to return the sum, the interest rate up to 300% is charged. If a victim does not pay threatening calls, messages are sent. Morphed images, nude images and morphed documents are sent to scare the victim to make them pay.

Currently, Cyber ​​Crime Pune has 2 ongoing cases, the number may increase. In one such case, a 30-year-old man was duped out of 13 lakhs 88 thousand. He went to pay a huge sum as he was caught in the vicious cycle of lending. Pune Police have called on people not to download such scam apps, nothing is free. And even if you accidentally log into the app so you don’t get scared because of the threatening messages, report it to the police instead.

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