Police notice lists fraudulent pawnshop apps

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Indore Criminal Branch Police on Thursday issued a notice to residents listing fraud claims which provide easy loans and under the guise of loan collection harass customers.

Police said there were pop-ups that tricked customers into installing apps on their phones and then stealing details from their device and threatening customers, loved ones and families. They also misuse collected data and sometimes sell customer contact information. There are approximately 60 loan disbursement requests of this type.

Officials said the apps lend a person Rs 2K to Rs 10K. Even after someone pays off the loan, they threaten customers and misuse their contact information.

Police said people should not download any money lending app that is not from a trusted source. They must resist the temptation to participate in such programs set up by lenders. If someone – mistakenly or unknowingly – borrows from such an app and is then threatened or bothered by the lender, they should contact the Crime Branch, Indore, and seek help from the police.

Points to remember

1. Never share online documents with strangers

2. Never install apps from unknown sources

3. Avoid getting loans online through random apps

4. Never give permission to access device data to untrusted app

5. Always check all terms and conditions in the documents before accepting them

Posted: Friday March 18th 2022, 00:08 IST

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