Moving? 4 ways to reduce your costs


Whether you’ve just bought a new home or moved from one rental to another, moving can be a chore. It can also be very expensive. If you have a move in your future, here’s how to keep your costs down.

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1. Reduce the size of your belongings

The more things you have, the more you will be charged to haul everything. So if you have furniture or other possessions that you are not sure you want to keep, don’t move those items to your new home. Instead, get rid of the things that worry you before you move.

If you have items in good condition, you can sell them online or through a garage sale. This is a good way to put money in your bank account which can come in handy once your moving date arrives.

2. Make your own packaging

There are full service moving companies that come to your home and pack your belongings securely. Following this route could save you a lot of time. And, you don’t have to pay for the packaging supplies.

But make no mistake, a full service move can be very expensive. You pay a lot more for a full-service move than for a business to come to your house and load your already-packed items into their truck. If you are self-employed and would lose income spending time packing your bags, it may be worth paying for this service. Otherwise, you save money by doing it yourself.

3. Move during the week

Many people prefer to move on a weekend. This way, they don’t have to dip into their limited reserve of personal time or vacations from work. But if you want to save money, opt for a midweek move. You often save money by moving at a less desirable time.

4. Take the tour

You often hear it said that it is important to shop around with mortgage lenders before taking out a home loan. Likewise, it is a good idea to get quotes from moving services before choosing one.

With that said, be sure to compare apples to apples. Some movers charge by the job and give you an estimate in advance of what it will cost. Other moving companies charge by the hour. You also get different quotes depending on the services provided by your movers, so carefully review the details of each estimate before making your decision.

Also, be sure to check out any moving company you plan to work with. Talk to people who have used this business and see what their experience was like. If there were any hidden charges or surprises, consider looking elsewhere.

Whether you are moving around the neighborhood or across the country, expect to spend a large amount of money transporting your belongings. But there are steps you can take to keep your costs as low as possible. And that way you will keep some cash that can give you the leeway to set up or furnish your new digs as you wish.

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