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Saving money becomes more difficult as the cost of living increases, and it can often be difficult to discipline yourself not to spend. However, all is not lost when it comes to action, and not all progress has to come from tightening the belt. The financial comparison site Lending Expert has studied the ways in which a person will be able to increase their bank balance.

It can be done by New Years, which means some Brits will even see changes in their back pocket by Christmas.

The first course of action is to consider switching bank accounts – which can be quite lucrative.

Aside from another bank potentially offering better perks or perks, some providers are currently offering switching incentives for Brits.

Santander is offering £ 130 cash back to change, while NatWest is among the banks offering £ 100 to make the change.

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Some of these are free and can help Brits track their income and expenses to leave more in their pocket each month.

And along the same lines, when it comes to money management, a credit card might be an appropriate course of action for many.

Some of them offer cash back options that could be essential for those going to stores for Christmas gifts and food, while others offer points for shopping at certain stores.

However, it’s still important to pay off a credit card in full to avoid spiraling debt.

Finally, the Christmas season can also be a good excuse to leave a hole in the household around the house.

It could unearth a myriad of items such as clothing, furniture, and tech that a person no longer needs.

Once identified, these items can be sold on sites like eBay, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace.

According to the advice, people could easily pocket £ 50 to £ 100 or even more just for a few hours of their time taking inventory of their old possessions.

David Beard, CEO of, said: “The recent increase in the costs of food, gasoline, childcare, fuel and rail fares means that many families are wondering about ‘where the money for Christmas will come from, and many are plunging into unmanageable conditions. debt levels to keep up with the extra cost of Christmas.

“With a little effort there are ways to make some extra cash as the costly season approaches.

“It is important not to tire yourself too much this year in the name of Santa Claus. Keep in mind that things like national insurance and council tax will also increase next year.

“You have to budget for an expensive year ahead, so think twice before you splurge. “

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