Lemonade Day Gives Lubbock Kids The Deal

Children around Lubbock took to tables and stalls all over town, selling lemonade and other refreshments as part of the annual community-wide Lemonade Day event.

Organizations such as United Family Stores and the YWCA have promoted Lemonade Day 2022 as a way to encourage children to learn about entrepreneurship.

For 8-year-old Hope Campos, it was her first chance to run her own business.

“My mom told me I could sell lemonade and I thought it would be a good thing to do,” she said.

On Saturday morning, she chose prime real estate, settling in a busy spot across from the Amigos supermarket on North University Avenue to sell strawberry lemonade, cherry lemonade, lemon vanilla cupcakes and other treats she made with help from her mother.

His booth was also the location of a Lemonade Day kick-off event hosted by United Family and YWCA on Saturday morning.

Eight-year-old Hope Campos got help from her mother to make strawberry lemonade, cherry lemonade and lemon-vanilla cupcakes to sell at her stand at the Amigos supermarket on Saturday morning as part of the day of the lemonade.

Recently retired United Family CEO Robert Taylor was among his first customers, buying a glass of his lemonade and looking at some of these cupcakes.

In the weeks leading up to Saturday’s community event, kids in Lubbock signed up for Lemonade Day, got a loan on Bank Loan Day through First United Bank, attended workshops , school assemblies, received a free t-shirt, participated in online training and more to ensure they are ready to succeed in owning and operating their own business.

Seventh Annual Lubbock Lemonade Day Saturday

Along the way, participants learned valuable life lessons such as making a plan, building that plan, providing great customer service, and ultimately making their own money. , according to a press release from United. Through the event, local business sponsors, schools, non-profit organizations and government leaders come together to impact the lives of young people in the area.

To do their part, members of the community have been asked to help meet the demand, with United and the YWCA encouraging people to buy three glasses of lemonade from stands around town.

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