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Contributing to army emergency relief is the most direct way to help soldiers.
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WIESBADEN, Germany – The Army’s 2021 Emergency Relief Campaign officially ended on June 15. The campaign kicked off on March 1, 2021 with a virtual cup of cake. The community of Wiesbaden raised a total of $ 18,337.

AER is the military’s non-profit financial aid organization. It was established in 1942 by the Army Chief of Staff, General George Marshall and Secretary of War Henry Stimson.

Contributing to the AER is the most direct way to help soldiers. AER offers zero-interest loans and grants as well as scholarships. Ninety cents of every dollar donated goes directly to soldiers and families in need of financial assistance.

The AER makes sure that no soldier is alone in the face of financial difficulties. In 2020, the AER provided $ 109,976.45 in emergency relief to service members, retirees and families in the military community of Wiesbaden.

There are many categories of assistance through the ARE and each request is considered on an individual basis. Some of the categories are: emergency travel, permanent station travel change, health care, immigration and passport fees, child care, and car seat purchase assistance.

“We are not trying to create a demand, we are trying to meet a valid demand,” said AER director, retired Lieutenant-General Raymond Mason. “It’s the only thing that keeps me awake at night – is there a soldier or family member who is in pain and doesn’t know us? “

Tawana Ballard, AER Program Director at USAG Wiesbaden said, “The AER is constantly changing and evolving to meet the needs of soldiers and families. For example, in June, we started offering pet transportation assistance to ease the financial burden of traveling PCS overseas with pets.

The AER’s Pet Transportation Assistance Program offers interest-free loans of up to $ 5,500 to eligible individuals.

Army and Air Force Exchange Service customers have the option to donate to AER with every purchase. Until this year, this option was only offered during campaigns, but is now available all year round.

There are different ways to donate to the AER, for example through the Combined Federal Campaign, one-time or monthly recurring donations with credit cards, debit cards or PayPal, or through a salary allowance for soldiers in active service and retirement.

To find out more about the AER, you can visit the local ACS office, building 7790 on Hainerberg or call 0611-143-548-9201.

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