Judicial error or abuse of social networks?

Tashi Dema

Of the 23 cases registered in various courts against Karma Choki, who went online on Facebook alleging a miscarriage of justice, 11 cases apparently relate to the sale of his building and apartments in the Olakha building.

The files kept with the justice system showed that among the 11 cases, six are related to the sale of his entire building, while five are related to the sale of apartments in the building.

The first case concerns a mountaineer who bought the building for 14 million Nu (M), and the Thimphu dzongkhag commercial bench rendered a compromised judgment on October 17, 2019, in which Karma Choki must pay the mountaineer the money.

The judgment at the time stated that if Karma Choki could not pay the amount, the building would be returned according to their compromised agreement with the Highlander.

However, the judgment has still not been executed.

Karma Cheki claimed to have met the highlander through a Nepalese broker in 2019.

The second case concerns Dendup Tshomo, who claimed to have purchased the building for Nu 25M. The commercial bench, however, ruled that the agreement on the sale of the building was false and ordered Karma Choki to repay the 6.3 million Nu she had borrowed from Dendup Tshomo.

Likewise, the court quashed two other cases.

A litigator, Dawa Penjor, claimed to have bought the building for Nu 35M, but the court ruled that the deal was false and ordered Karma Choki to repay Nu 3.6M that she had borrowed from him.

In another case, litigator Ngawang Gyeltshen claimed he bought four units of the building for Nu 10M, but the court ruled that the deal was false and ordered Karma Choki to pay the Nu 3M that she gave him. had borrowed.

The commercial court also ordered Karma Choki to pay 2.8 million Nu after a litigant, Dorji Tshewang, claimed he had purchased two units in the building from the woman for 2.5 million Nu.

The same court also issued another judgment in which Karma Choki must pay an additional NU 2.8 million to litigant Kinzang Namgyel, who bought two apartments in the building.

In Paro dzongkhag court, Karma Choki is also the subject of seven cases, one of which is the sale of the building to Tshering Wangmo and Pema Tshering, and the other is the sale of an apartment to Yonten Dorji for Naked 1M. The two cases are still pending.

The court also ordered her to pay 257,407 Nu to a litigant called Pem, who claimed she paid money to buy an apartment.

There are five other cases registered with the civil chamber of the Thimphu dzongkhag court. There is a pending case in which a litigant, Tempa Gyeltshen, alleged he bought the building with a down payment from Nu 2M.

The National Bank of Bhutan also filed a lawsuit against Karma Choki when she defaulted on a Nu 14M loan and her brother’s Nu 2M took out of the bank by mortgaging the building. The court ordered him to pay the amount with interest.

Since she could not make the payment and the loan was in arrears, the court allowed the bank to collect the rent.

While the remaining cases are mostly monetary, related to sales of cordyceps, land and vehicles, three cases are before the criminal jurisdiction of the Thimphu dzongkhag court. One case concerns criminal fraud and aiding and abetting, in which she was sentenced to 10 months in prison and is currently serving a prison sentence, but is undergoing medical treatment; the other two are linked to the fraudulent drafting of documents by deception. The cases are pending judgment.

Meanwhile, Karma Choki claimed that out of the 23 cases, she filed three cases for the sale of vehicles. “In one case, I proved that the other litigant had lied, but he was not punished.

She said that in many cases she borrowed money, but made deals because of private money lending rules. “The court only penalized me, but not the litigants who made false agreements and lied in court. “

Court officials, however, said she was convicted for committing false acts of sale.

“The court penalized the moneylenders because their deeds of sale were unrecognized,” an official said. “The other litigants have not recovered their money and they are more aggrieved. Some have even taken out loans to lend to him.

They said she tricked many people into making false deeds of sale despite having sold the building in the past.

Court officials also claimed she was given an opportunity to make partial payments even before posting online, but she never brought the money.

“Even after it went live, the court waited until she paid Nu 8M to the first litigant, but she never paid the money until yesterday,” a court official said. “She abuses social networks. “

The court official said she made many conditions before making the payment and never brought the money. “She asks us to free her building, which is mortgaged with BNB.”

Karma Choki claimed she would make the payment today and said she was waiting for the court to issue an order for her to collect the rent herself.

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