How this broker helped a borrower receiving a disability pension build their real estate portfolio

This would not have been as achievable without the level of support Christie-David has on his team as well as the fact that he specializes in investment finance. Having the support of a good paracourtier and a good customer service team allowed him to spend a lot of time working on the case where others might have just put him in the basket ” too difficult “. It also meant that the team had a lot of political knowledge between them.

“We are able to accept clients because our structure is designed for a better scale,” he said.

This knowledge and support, coupled with the level of detail included in the bid, has proven to be the perfect formula for success.

“Brokers talk about rates or policy, but what we don’t talk about a lot as an industry is the quality of loan submissions,” he said. “It’s a metric that some lenders use, but we talk about it a lot. You can have two loans that go to the exact same bank, but one will be approved and the other will not. The quality of the loan submission, the level of notes and details, the quality of the presentation of everything can sometimes make the difference in who makes or breaks a deal.

Since the client had enough money to pay off the property, the consequences of her inability to get a loan were not as severe as they could have been. However, if she had used that money to settle, she would have incurred an opportunity cost when it came to building her portfolio.

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