GSIS opens emergency loan window for victims of Tropical Storm ‘Paeng’

GSIS is preparing an emergency loan for members and retirees who will be affected by Tropical Storm Paeng.

The state pension fund, Government Services Insurance System (GSIS), announces that members and retirees who may be affected by Typhoon Paeng are eligible for an emergency loan of up to 40,000 p.

GSIS President and CEO Wick Veloso said the loan program is in line with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s call for government agencies to ensure aid is extended to people affected by calamities. .

“As of October 23 this year, GSIS has already released a total of 4.5 billion pesos which has provided financial assistance to nearly 145,000 active and retired GSIS members,” Veloso said.

He added that the GSIS has allocated an additional 1.5 billion pesos in emergency loans to members and retirees in 15 areas of northern Luzon affected by the recent calamities.

“We hope to alleviate the plight of more than 69,000 GSIS members and retirees working or residing in areas declared northern calamities due to the 7.3 magnitude earthquake in July, Typhoon Karding in September, flash floods and of the dengue epidemic,” Veloso said.

The emergency loan is open to active members and retirees and invalids of Masantol, Pampanga, who have been affected by massive flooding; in Mindoro Occidental province due to the dengue epidemic; and in the city of Vigan and the municipalities of Bauko and Besao in the mountain province hit by the 7.3 magnitude earthquake in July.

The loan is also open to members and retirees affected by Typhoon Karding in the province of Nueva Ecija and the municipalities of Polillo, Patnanungan, Panukulan, Jomalig, Burdeos and General Nakar in Quezon; La Paz to Tarlac; Macabebe in Pampanga and Dingalan in Aurora.

Qualified to apply are members who are on active duty and not on leave without pay; have at least three months of premiums paid in the last six months; have no pending administrative or criminal case; and have a net salary of at least P5,000 after deducting all required monthly obligations.

Old age and disability pensioners are also qualified to apply if their net monthly net pension after using the loan is at least 25% of their basic monthly pension.

Members with an existing emergency loan balance can borrow up to P40,000 to pay off their previous emergency loan balance and still receive a maximum net amount of P20,000. no existing emergency loan can apply for a P20,000 loan.

For more details on the Emergency Loan Program, members and retirees can visit the GSIS website (, or Facebook account (, email [email protected] or call the GSIS Contact Center at 8847-4747 if in Metro Manila or 1-800-8-847-4747 (for Globe and TM subscribers) or 1-800-10- 847-4747[forSmartSunandTalk’NTextsubscribers)[forSmartSunandTalk’NTextsubscribers)[pourlesabonnésSmartSunetTalk’NText)[forSmartSunandTalk’NTextsubscribers)

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