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Innovations in modern fintech are centered around the blockchain. While technology has got in business, it’s also the mastermind behind the ever-controversial tokens and non-fungible ramifications (). While neither is uncritical, they also provide users with significant benefits, ranging from offering retail investors additional ways to build wealth.

But just because you can generating money through blockchain doesn’t mean you will. Having training in this technology will help, and you can find it in the.

This collection of six courses gives you a comprehensive overview of the most popular blockchain applications: cryptocurrency and NFT. You will start by finding out what NFTs are, what they can do, and why their demand has increased, especially in the art and collectibles markets. These lessons will also show you how to create your first NFT, discover the best markets for them, and use them to your advantage to make money.

From there, you’ll head into cryptocurrency territory. Starting with a crypto trading course, you will learn how to develop a systematic trading process and master the art of building a diverse investment portfolio of coins. The lessons explain how to trade profitably using candlestick patterns, follow and trade trends, and read the market like a pro to maximize your return on investment. Then, you’ll explore other wealth building opportunities by earning interest through staking, lending, and copy trading, as well as taking advantage of ICOs, Yield Farming, and DeFi projects.

Start earning extra cash by taking advantage of the most popular blockchain applications. Right now, you can get it for just $ 30, or $ 5 per class.

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