Federal Funds Help Improve Lincoln County Emergency Department Service

LINCOLN COUNTY, Georgia (WJBF) — When it comes to responding to an emergency, every minute counts — and for emergency responders, having a reliable way to get help matters even more.

“Being a rural community, we travel farther to hospitals because we don’t have a hospital in our county,” Lincoln County Emergency Services Manager Casey Broom said.

A $100,000 grant and $264,000 USDA loan is helping the Lincoln County Department of Emergency Services respond to calls more efficiently.

The funds were used to purchase a new ambulance and a fire truck.

“So it’s important that we keep our vehicles in good working order and that we replace them regularly,” Broom said.

For rural counties like Lincoln, funding is the extra help needed to make major upgrades like the new fire truck possible.

“If we were to come out of pocket with that kind of money, you’re looking at half a million dollars between those two vehicles. Our little county and most rural counties couldn’t afford to buy them without the help of the government,” Lincoln County Chairman Walker Norman said.

Emergency Services Director Casey Broom said the new fire truck replaced the 20-year-old one.

It also includes updated equipment and security improvements.

“It was accompanied by self-contained breathing apparatus or updated breathing apparatus for firefighters. This is important technology that changes regularly and needs to be maintained and certified,” Broom said.

Going forward, the county hopes to use more USDA funds to upgrade its emergency operations center.

“We’re hoping we can update our 911 equipment with this USDA money as well,” Norman said.

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