Faith in Action: October 31, 2021 – Black and Indigenous Farmers Need Emergency Debt Relief


Each week at All Saints Church, we put our faith into action. This week, we sign a letter to Agriculture Secretary Thomas Vilsack supporting debt relief for socially disadvantaged farmers.

We write to support debt relief for socially disadvantaged farmers. Section 1005 of the American Rescue Plan Act states that this debt relief is essential for black, native and other colored farmers and ranchers because of: decades of racial discrimination in USDA programs;
-the US government’s failure to secure adequate funding reaches farmers of color in other relief efforts – even though billions have reached white farmers; and – disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 on farmers of color.

Blacks, Aboriginals, and Farmers of Color continue to face discrimination with respect to loan requirements, availability, and timing, as well as denial of access to USDA resources based on race. As a result, many farmers of color still struggle to access and hold onto land, making it difficult for them to continue to get a fair return on their labor and investments.

Debt relief is helping small and medium-sized farmers stay in business, conserve their land and continue to provide nutritious food to communities across the country as we recover from the pandemic. I urge you to continue to support initiatives such as debt relief that call for greater equity in agriculture for black, indigenous and other farmers of color.

Options for signing:

  1. Sign a letter to the Action Table on Sunday morning.
  2. Download a PDF copy of the letter to sign and mail.

Letter used at the Action Table.

  1. Click on this link to sign a petition in line.

If you ever need to search for your US House of Representatives member or US Senators, check here: and .

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