Emergency plan in place at Beaver Valley Generating Station

SHIPPING PORT – A contingency plan is in place in the event of a disaster at the Beaver Valley Nuclear Generating Station.

In a brochure To county residents, the Beaver County Emergency Management Agency said there are different emergency situations in which residents should shelter in place, and which ones they should evacuate.

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Alert residents in the event of an emergency

The EMA worked to install the Alert and Notification System (ANS) exterior warning sirens throughout the county, with sirens having been upgraded to larger and more powerful sirens in recent years.

The Beaver Valley Generating Station is a nuclear power plant on the Ohio River covering 1,000 acres near Shippingport, Pennsylvania.  The Beaver Valley Generating Station is operated by Energy Harbor and was previously owned by FirstEnergy.

Additionally, residents can sign up to receive electronic notifications informing them of emergency events at the power plant, and more, as the sirens function as an exterior warning element of the ANS and are not intended to be heard inside.

Residents can go to the county’s website, beavercountypa.gov, and search for the “Beaver County Emergency Alerts” link.

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The brochure states that the alert signal, for an incident at the power station, is a continuous three-minute signal. The sirens are tested once a year.

Following the siren, the inhabitants can tune in either to the radio or to the television, in order to be informed of the measures to be taken.

The emergency radio alert (EAS) stations are WBVP 1230 AM, KDKA 1020 AM, and WMBA 1460 AM.

EAS TV stations are WPXI channel 11, WTAE channel 4 and KDKA channel 2.

Local municipal police and fire departments can also perform neighborhood notifications using mobile public address systems and door-to-door notifications.

There will also be a public emergency information hotline, the number being 724-773-6767.

If residents are told to evacuate, they are asked to leave their livestock at the farms, with arrangements to help feed and water them to be coordinated by the EMA or other emergency agencies.

Regular pets are not permitted in a Care Center, while service animals are permitted.

Evacuation zones and areas

Various emergency shelters are in place, such as at Mohawk Area Junior-Senior High School, to accommodate and possibly decontaminate Beaver County residents in the area of ​​the nuclear plant.

The brochure offers different evacuation routes and locations for each county municipality within the power plant’s 10-mile emergency planning zone.

Residents of Aliquippa, Hopewell Township, South Heights, Racoon Township and Independence Township would travel to the South Park fairgrounds; Residents of Beaver, Bridgewater, Brighton Township, Vanport Township and Fallston would go to Slippery Rock University; Residents of Chippewa Township, Glasgow, Industry, Midland, Ohioville, Patterson Heights, Patterson Township and South Beaver Township would attend the Junior-Senior High School in the area of Mohawk in Lawrence County; Residents of Center Township, Frankfort Springs, Georgetown, Greene Township, Hanover Township, Hookstown, Monaca, Potter Township and Shippingport would travel to the Washington County Fairgrounds.

Lawrence County Public Safety Director Chad Strobel said Lawrence County, for example, acts as a “support county,” with the county’s role being to support Beaver County residents in incident at the plant and/or contamination leak.

He said residents, for their coverage area, would be directed to the Bessemer school monitoring and decontamination site.

Residents would be checked for any radioactive material on them, and if so, would be thoroughly cleaned.

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From there, residents would be offered temporary shelter through the American Red Cross or allowed to leave if they had another place to go.

A training exercise was held during the week of June 6 between the two counties to better prepare for any type of emergency.

In the event of an evacuation during a school day, students in the 10-mile zone would be sent to another school district.

Aliquippa School District students would be sent to Independence Middle School, Beaver Area School District students would be sent to Slippery Rock High School, Blackhawk School District students would be sent to Blackhawk High School , Center Valley School District students, Beaver County Vocational and Technical School students, and South Side Area School District students would be sent to Canon-McMillan High School, School District students from the Hopewell area would be sent to South Park High School, students from the Midland Borough School District, students from Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School, and Western Students from the Beaver School District would be sent to the School District of the Union area in Lawrence County.

Students in South Heights will remain in their designated school zone in the Ambridge Area School District, while students in Fallston will remain in their designated school area in the New Brighton Area School District.

Pick-up points for emergency transport

There are various locations where residents, who do not have access to transportation, can go to wait to be picked up by emergency personnel.  For example, in Industry Borough, residents can walk to either the Borough Municipal Building or The Willows of PA (pictured).

The brochure states that if a resident needs a ride/transportation, they can go to various pick-up points.

Aliquippa residents can go to the parking lot next to Dunkin’ on Brodhead Road, Aliquippa Elementary School, the Aliquippa Shopping Center and West Aliquippa on Main and Third Street.

Beaver residents can attend Trinity Lutheran Church, SS. Peter & Paul Church, First Presbyterian Church, College Square School, King Beaver Apartments and Beaver Volunteer Fire Department.

Bridgewater residents can visit Bridge and Market streets, Union Building and Loan on Leopard Lane, Bruster’s Ice Cream on Riverside Drive, and Bert’s Wooden Indian on Leopard Lane.

Residents of Brighton Township can drive to one of three fire stations.

Township Center residents can go to the Fire Company No. 1 building or the main entrance to Beaver Valley Mall.

Residents of Chippewa Township can visit the Municipal Building, Methodist Church on Darlington Road, St. Monica’s Catholic Church on Darlington Road, and, seasonally, Camp Baker.

Fallston residents can head to the Fallston Borough Building or Bradys Run Grill.

Frankfort Springs residents can walk to the borough building; Georgetown residents can go to Hookstown Volunteer Fire Station Number 2; Glasgow residents can go to Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church; and residents of Greene Township can visit Hookstown Grange Hall.

Hanover Township residents can go to the Hanover Township Fire Department and the Hanover Fire Department and Hookstown residents can go to the Hookstown Free Methodist Church.

Residents of Hopewell Township can visit Green Garden Mall, Crestmont Mall, Hopewell Mall, Fire Department Building #1, Fire Department Building #2, and Sunoco A -Over 5 Points.

Residents of Independence Township can go to the Township Municipal Building; Industry residents can walk to The Willows and the Municipal Authority Building on Engle Road; and Midland residents can go to Lincoln Park, Presentation Church, the Senior Citizen Building and the Midland Heights Community Building.

Monaca residents can go to Monacatootha Apartments, St. John’s Church, Old Fourth Ward School, Central Valley Middle School, and AC Edgecombe Apartments.

Ohioville residents can visit the Four-Mile UP Church, Borough Building, New Salem Presbyterian Church, and Ohioville Fire Department.

Residents of Patterson Heights can go to the Patterson Heights Fire Department; Residents of Patterson Township can visit the Franciscan Mansion and United Methodist Church in Riverview; Residents of Potter Township can go to the Township Municipal Building; Residents of the township of Raccoon can go to the municipal building and the township fire hall; Shippingport residents can go to the Shippingport Community Building; and South Beaver Township residents can go to the South Beaver Fire Department Building.

Residents of South Heights can go to the South Heights Fire Station, the intersection of Crawford and Highland Avenues, and the intersection of Hill Road and Gibson Avenue.

Residents of Vanport Township can visit Tamaqui Village Social Hall, Van Buren Social Hall, Vanport Presbyterian Church, and the IBEW Building on Sassafras Lane.

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