Emergency hospital workers arrive + mask proposal continues


Happy Monday Anchorage! Here’s everything you need to know to get started today on an informed note, okay? Here is what is happening in the city today.

First of all, the weather forecast for the day:

Usually sunny and cool. High: 42 Low: 35.

Here are the best stories in Anchorage and across the state today:

  1. At a crucial time in the pandemic, dozens of rescuers arrived at Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchoring. The increase in hospitalizations linked to COVID-19 recently led the hospital to announce crisis care standards. Administrator Bob onders said the influx of new workers will hopefully give exhausted staff a break, but many staff will also need to expand the current intensive care capacity to support an expected increase in COVID-related hospitalizations. (Alaska Public Media)
  2. A very controversial debate over a proposed mask mandate in Anchoring which included images of the Holocaust and a homosexual insult will continue in a fourth session. Anchor Assembly testimony for the proposed ordinance will continue today. Four people were arrested during the meeting last Wednesday and one person was asked to leave on Thursday. Most of those who testified before the city’s governing body opposed the measure. (Anchor press)
  3. Alaska Airlines will require all employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to keep their jobs. The SeattleThe based airline did not set a firm date for the requirement to take effect, but informed employees via email that they were to either undergo the injection or receive an exemption from the requirement. ‘business. People with an exemption may be required to undergo weekly testing or may be assigned to different work environments, such as being separated from other workers. (Must read Alaska)
  4. As of the week of October 11, approximately 643,000 Alaskans will start receiving their 2021 Dividend of the permanent fund in the amount of $ 1,114. Eligible residents who deposited electronically and chose direct deposit will see their funds within the first week; all other applicants will receive theirs the week of October 25. Alaskans are encouraged to use the state website, MyPFD, to check the status of their PFD request. (Alaska Native News)

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