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The Commission of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has called for the declaration of a state of emergency on food security in the region

The Parliament at the end of its relocated meeting held in Gunea Bissau instructed the ECOWAS Commission to meet with member countries and declare food security as a national emergency. This, they say, will help increase the political will of governments to deal with the crisis.

A committee member and Member of Parliament (MP) of Nigeria, Hon. Oghene Emma Egoh, while reading the draft report of the meeting on behalf of the joint committee, said the meeting also recommended that the ECOWAS Commission liaise with the Nigerian government to ensure that manufacturing companies of fertilizers in Nigeria are selling to needy countries in the region. first before exporting in bulk to other regions.

Parliamentarians, however, frowned on the cutting of trees for firewood and charcoal, pointing out that it greatly depletes forest resources.

“Felling trees for use as firewood and charcoal significantly depletes our forest resources.

“Research and investment should be made to develop alternative energy sources such as gas, solar energy and other biodegradable materials for use in domestic cooking and other household needs.”

They called on regional, national and local authorities to partner and collaborate to enforce regulations aimed at preventing the pollution of rivers and farmlands from activities such as illegal mining.

They also called on member countries to develop and implement information and education strategies to make people aware of the fight against climate change, saying that the government should engage and partner to civil society and parliamentarians in education and the dissemination of information.

The parliamentarians urged the ECOWAS Commission to work with governments to come up with an innovative strategy for mobilizing funds to implement climate change initiatives that enhance sustainable agricultural growth and production.

They also urged national governments to mobilize funds to establish agricultural development banks to provide loans and credit to farmers to invest in acquiring land and purchasing inputs and machinery for modern and improved farming and farming.

They noted that the ECOWAS parliament should work with national parliaments towards the realization of direct elections of MPs, tasking MPs with ensuring the allocation of 10% of the annual national budget to the agricultural sector.

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