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MeLoan is an online lender finder service designed for Australians, by Australians, that aims to simplify the act of getting personal loans. It comes with an intelligent artificial intelligence system that seamlessly matches applicants with the ideal lender for their needs.

Why MeLoan?

Getting a personal loan from a financial institution has got to be one of the most frustrating parts of being an adult. It is deliberately riddled with many obstacles that most people struggle to cross. On the one hand, lenders usually require numerous documents from applicants in addition to having them file endless applications. On the other hand, even when this hurdle has been overcome, the lender may choose to reject the loan application for reasons he knows best. Then there is the question of choosing the right lender among the many. It’s no surprise that most Australians are still unfamiliar with the idea of ​​getting personal loans. MeLoan, an online lender, is about to change that narrative, however.

Who is MeLoan?

MeLoan is an online lender that markets itself as Australia’s premier personal loan provider. The online lender was created to help improve Australians’ chances of getting a loan through the multiple lenders it has access to. These lenders which are scattered across the country offer a selection of different personal loans ranging from $2,500 to $30,000. Additionally, this network of lenders means applicants no longer have to worry about finding the best-suited lender, as MeLoan will do the research for them using its purpose-built intelligent artificial intelligence system.

Our process

Unlike other lenders, getting an online loan approval from MeLoan only requires the following 4 simple steps:

1. Apply online: This step requires providing essential details that would help MeLoan match the applicant with the best possible lender. This process takes about 8 minutes to complete, unlike other similar apps which can take weeks to complete.
2. Get a result: As soon as MeLoan receives a request, it takes action and provides a response to the requester within 24 hours.
3. Meet the lender: At this point, MeLoan hands the applicant over to the new lender for final approval and subsequent loan disbursement.
4. To recieve money: Once the applicant accepts the contract from the lender and agrees to its terms, he receives the requested money within the hour or the same day.

The best thing about MeLoan is that one can apply anytime and any day of the year. This convenience contrasts sharply with traditional lending institutions that only operate on set days. Additionally, MeLoan will go out of its way to ensure that every application on its platform receives a fair review and approval from its multiple lenders, regardless of their poor track record.

Want to know more?

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