New MakuluLinux Deserves a Spot in the Majors

MakuluLinux developer Jacque Montague Raymer on Thursday announced the first major release of this year. It is a whole lot more than a mere upgrade of distro packages. MakuluLinux Series 15 offers much more than new artwork and freshly repainted themes and desktop styles. If you crave a Linux OS that is fresh and independent, MakuluLinux is a must-try Linux solution.


Why Nerds Use Linux

In life, there are many reasons for a person to embrace a new idea or way of life. Most of the time because it does him good. And there are always no reasons why such an idea should be flaunted, in order to bring this good to more and more people, as a…


What’s New in Bodhi Linux 5.0

Bodhi Linux 5.0 the latest release of Bodhi Linux has been released by Jeff Hoogland. This release ships with a latest Moksha Desktop 0.3, Powered by Linux kernel 4.15 series and Based on Canonical’s long-term supported Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver).