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How developers can get involved with open source networking

There have always been integration challenges with open source software, whether in pulling together Linux distributions or in mating program subsystems developed by geographically distributed communities. However, today we’re seeing those challenges writ large with the rise of large ecosystems of projects in areas such as networking and cloud-native more


What's the difference between a fork and a distribution?

If you’ve been around open source software for any length of time, you’ll hear the terms fork and distribution thrown around casually in conversation. For many people, the distinction between the two isn’t clear, so here I’ll try to clear up the confusion.First, some definitionsBefore explaining the nuances of a fork vs. a distribution and the pitfalls thereof, let’s define key concepts.Open source software is software that:read more


Locks versus channels in concurrent Go

Go has popularized the mantra don’t communicate by sharing memory; share memory by communicating. The language does have the traditional mutex (mutual exclusion construct) to coordinate access to shared memory, but it favors the use of channels to share information among more